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  • Depositions / Affidavits

  • License Agreements

  • Rental Agreements

  • Trademark/Copyright Violations

  • Power of Attorney Documents

  • Articles of Association

  • Immigration Documents

  • Fraud / Embezzlement

  • Wrongful Termination


  • Customer / Employee Surveys

  • Calls for Tender / Proposals

  • Terms and Conditions

  • Employment Agreements

  • Employee Manuals / Handbooks

  • Customer Letters / Emails

  • Press Releases

  • Audit Reports

  • Insurance

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  • Lottery Systems & Regulations


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  • Patient Information

  • Health Insurance Plans

  • Medical Product Brochures & Labels


  • Patents (Electronics / Software)

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TampaTranslations works with clients all over the world. Our base of operations is located in the Tampa, St. Petersburg, Wesley Chapel, Clearwater, Sarasota, Orlando, Miami, Hillsborough and Pasco County area, Florida, U.S.A.

Please understand that I may have to turn down technical jobs that are outside of my preferred subject areas in order to maintain high-quality standards or because I am busy working on other translation projects. For quality assurance, I ONLY translate INTO English.


Jeff has been providing translation and language consultation services for various national and international companies since 1993. He is a graduate of the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida where he completed courses in Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese as well as Latin, Russian and Arabic. He earned his degree in Spanish Language and Linguistics with a minor in Foreign Language Education and completed a contract law course from Westbay College in Tampa. Jeff also operates a language news site where he provides links to resources in over 100 languages and news of interest to linguists and translators. He co-designed a Windows-based program for the project-management and accounting of translation-related activities (TranTrak) and wrote a multilingual glossary of telecommunication acronyms as well as a Spanish translation test for translation companies and freelance translators. He has also had articles published in the American Translators Association's journal. In addition to studying languages, Jeff loves to visit the National Parks and is an avid science fiction fan.


Year Established


Projects Completed


Words Translated


Depositions and court papers for human trafficking and money laundering case (68,000 words)
Various contracts for international corporations (>100,000 words)
Computer and inspection system manual for customs authorities (25,600 words)
Depositions for Puerto Rico construction project negligence case (55,000 words)
Customer letters for major U.S. banking institution (>50,000 words)
Product beta-testing for U.S. cell-phone company (>100,000 words)
Training manual and contracts for U.S. soft drink manufacturer (15,000 words)
Articles of incorporation for various Latin American corporations (>20,000 words)
Depositions and court papers for sexual assault case in Spain (44,000 words)
Translation of court and financial documents for U.S. collections agency (>35,000 words)
Translation of specifications and plan details for European health insurance company (>50,000 words)
Tracking program for grey whales and marine mammals and other scientific papers (>37,000 words)

Subpoena and process service documents for Latin American court system (>50,000 words)

Residential and commercial lease agreements (>20,000 words)

Revision of government telecommunications act (16,000 words)

Procedures for protecting patient rights for research hospital (>5,000 words)

Power of Attorney documents for large banking institution (>25,000 words)

Various clinical trials / informed consent forms for Canadian hospital group (>80,000 words)
Customer complaint letters for major U.S. airline company (>100,000 words)
Trademark violation case for internet phone company (23,000 words)
Various patents for electronic devices (>25,000 words)
Military drone bidding specifications and operations manual (16,700 words)
Translation of marketing text and customer letters for on-line book seller (>25,000 words)
Court papers and depositions for Paris murder investigation (14,500 words)
Translation of private investigation reports/surveillance of massage parlors in Quebec (18,000 words)
Radiation monitoring system manual (22,300 words)
Wind energy resources: manufacturer case study (16,700 words)
Court papers and depositions for veterinary drug manufacturer (23,000 words)
Software license agreements (>10,000 words)

Belgian public procurement guidelines for equipment suppliers (13,000 words)

Manufacturing regulations for lottery tickets (>18,000 words)

Curriculum for French engineering school (10,000 words)

Haitian civil registry documents (>12,000 words)

User Manual for French packaging equipment manufacturer (16,000 words)

Fire / handicap regulations for French airport renovations (18,000 words)

Employee satisfaction surveys for a credit card company (14,000 words)
Licensing agreement for a software manufacturer (18,000 words)
Bid terms and conditions for satellite tracking and receiving station (29,000 words)
Product beta-testing for U.S. cell-phone company (>50,000 words)
Power of attorney agreements for U.S. law firm (>50,000 words)
Bid terms and conditions for state lottery system (10,800 words)
Translation of employee e-mails for a misconduct and harassment case (32,000 words)
Brazilian standard for flush tank requirements and testing methods (11,200 words)
Articles of Association for Brazilian equipment manufacturer (12,000 words)

Brand representation agreement for Brazilian nutrition company (8,000 words)

Search Engine Optimization audit and improvement agreement (15,000 words)

Archive of minutes from employee union meetings (>10,000 words).

Brochures / Power-Point presentations and specification sheets for drug manufacturer (>20,000 words)

Laws and Decrees for the Official Journal of Angola (>40,000 words)

Scientific and technical exchange agreements for Brazilian university (9,000 words)

Customer comments for large social media network (>15,000 words)

Agreement for the manufacturing and supply of lottery tickets in Lisbon (9,000 words)

Court documents, depositions and letters for estate and inheritance case (>60,000 words)
Wrongful termination case for U.S. candy manufacturer (28,000 words)
Automotive accident evidence report and depositions for insurance company (27,000 words)
Various software and electronic device patents (>15,000 words)
Contact lens manufacturer negligence case (12,000 words)
Court documents, etc. for trademark violation case (18,500 words)
High-speed train specifications and manual (15,800 words)
Court documents, statements and financial papers for tax fraud case (45,000 words)
Lease agreements and other documents for international law firm (>35,000 words)

Data processing regulations for German companies (>40,000 words)

Financial documents for U.S. based streaming channel (19,000 words)

Software development contract for on-line communications website (>12,000 words)

Real estate software manual (8,000 words)

Ticket security testing and regulations for Italian lottery ticket company (68,000 words)
Court documents and evidence for a food product counterfeiting case (52,000 words)
Manuals for Italian health insurance plans (41,600 words)
Court documents and media articles involving a milk and dairy product manufacturer (75,000 words)
Contract for an on-line financial funds corporation (14,000 words)
Statutes and regulations for an Italian residential community (17,000 words)
Translation of university transcripts and course descriptions for U.S. University (15,000 words)
Quality management systems manual for a thermoplastics materials manufacturer (18,000 words)

Ethics guidelines for lottery ticket manufacturer (12,000 words)

Ethics committee investigation for medical university (8,000 words)

Collective Bargaining Agreement for Italian corporation (>15,000 words)